About Us

  • Who We Are

    Marbella Oases Laboratory is a High-Complexity Toxicology Laboratory located in Delray Beach, FL. We provide the full spectrum of high complexity testing of prescription medications and drugs of abuse to our partners. We are committed to providing unmatched, reliable, innovative and value-focused lab services to the healthcare providers who choose us their trusted partner.

    We have the experience and resources to provide testing methods necessary for our clients to keep pace with new trends in substance abuse. We understand the needs of your facility and the importance of an effective treatment program for your client.

    We are a smaller/boutique-style laboratory and we always emphasize our personalized approach to every customer, every request and wish of our client.

    Our mission is to provide the highest standards of corporate transparency, responsibility, accountability and regulatory compliance.

  • Our Expertise

    Our lab is licensed and CLIA, COLA, AHCA, and API certified. We are supported by a fully licensed and highly qualified and trained staff of technicians, technologists, and phlebotomists. An HIPPA accredited Account Management team and our Customer Service Representatives strive to provide you critical information needed on a daily basis so that you can effectively provide treatment.

    Our Extensive Quality Assurance and Control procedures help to ensure accurate results as well as maintaining the superior service provided to our clients in a timely manner.

  • Our Technology

    Marbella Oases Laboratory is well equipped with the most advanced analytical technology, including ultra-performing LCMS machines. Our technology is set with the industry’s most precise toxicology detection levels to ensure the highest sensitivity, earning us perfect scores on all proficiency testing. We are consistently expanding our toxicology testing lab menu to stay current.

    Our secure web portal software is made available to our clients to give rapid and timely access to track treatment outcomes.

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