Why Monitor

Compliance Monitoring is a useful, non-invasive tool for healthcare providers to obtain reliable information about their patients’ use or misuse of their prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications, and illicit substances in order to make informed clinical decisions regarding treatment.

According to the American Pain Society and the American Academy of Pain Medicine guidelines for chronic opioid therapy, clinicians should periodically obtain urine drug screens or other information as part of their plan of care. We stand as an industry leader in comprehensive urine and oral fluid drug testing for substance abuse programs , clinicians supervising patient pain management, general practice and internal medicine physicians, neurologists, obstetricians, and gynecologists. Our compliance monitoring program improves the safety and quality of patient lives while protecting physicians and increasing their office efficiency.

A few benefits of compliance monitoring include:
  • Open Communication – We provide results that open doors to conversations with your patients regarding their medications.
  • Multiple Prescribers – Compliance monitoring helps physicians understand if their patient is being prescribed medications by other physicians.
  • Medication Diversion – Compliance monitoring helps physicians detect whether or not a patient is taking prescribed medications, non-prescribed medications, or illicit substances, and helps to identify possible misuse, abuse, or diversion.
  • Keeping Your Patients Healthy – PCLS provides results that give insights into your patients’ health, such as how they metabolize medications or if there will be any potential cross reactions.
  • DEA – If the DEA does visit our clinic, you will be prepared with evidence of your prescribing practices and your office’s compliance, with one easy-to-read report in every patient file.

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